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Painters Training Wheels

Onsite Training taken to a new level

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We are very proud to introduce a training facility that is the first of its kind in Australia. The Painters Training Wheels. With the support of our sponsors, we have custom designed and built the Painters Training Wheels to provide a facility for a revolutionary approach to practical training; providing more innovative, convenient solutions for training and assessment of apprentices.

Aussie Painters Network, in partnership with Master Painters Australia (QLD), RTO 30048 are providing a combination of online and onsite training never before seen in the painting industry!

Your team no longer needs to operate short staffed with apprentices in block training – competencies can be completed anywhere, anytime. With Aussie Painters Network’s Painters Training Wheels, we believe we can streamline the whole process to greatly reduce hours of ‘off the job’ training, without devaluing the integrity of the learning experience.

Students can cover the underpinning theory online, at times suitable to them and the boss; they complete much of their practical training on the job, and then shore it up with training and assessment in our truck wherever necessary and practical. From the truck we can provide basic training and assessment in most competencies, including wall papering, and decorative finishes.

With all theoretical, underpinning knowledge for painting that can be accessed online with the latest and most up to date video resources available where ever you can get internet access. An advantage for employers when they have down days for inclement weather, waiting for job progression or time between projects.

Up to date and everywhere you need us

We can now service an extensive network of regional Queensland areas, and make site visits really count.

Crucially, because our resources are online, we can keep them completely current with new products, applications or legislation changes.

Paper based resources are incredibly costly to develop and quickly outdated. Training resources are generally reviewed every four years, however the latest Painting and Decorating Training Package has not been reviewed since 2011 and is not expected to be reviewed until 2016! Ours on the other hand will remain up to the minute in currency. If a change occurs in the industry that impacts what apprentices learn, this can be amended instantly online!

This system of training will make taking on an apprentice more affordable for all painting businesses, especially the smaller companies.

Aussie Painters Network have designed the truck to bring to the job site a simulated workplace environment, for the employer, on their own job site; and, if desired, with their input and supervision.

So, look out for the newest member of the Aussie Painters Network family. You may see Painters Training Wheels popping up at sites, events and paint stores in Queensland soon!