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Aussie Painters Network have had a lot of requests for Job Safety Environmental Analysis (JSEA). So we have developed them. They have been specifically designed for painters and decorators. There are 33 pages covering most aspects of the painting industry.

We have developed them into categories as can be seen below.

They include:-

1. General Use (eg. Manual Handling, drop sheets, power leads, general electrical equipment and more)
2. Preparation (eg. Prepare surfaces, sanding, product use and more)
3. Working at Heights
4. Ladders, Trestles and Planks
5. Mobile Scaffold
6. Restricted Height Scaffolding
7. Application (eg. Tools and equipment, product application, spray equipment and more)
8. Lead Paint
9. Paint Clean Up

We are developing more and will continue to update. If you have any specific JSEA’s you think we should add contact us and we will develop them as well.