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Apprentice Information

Why Become a Painter and Decorator?

Blayd Farrugia Worldskills 2016

Do you like working outside, wouldn’t it be good not to be in an office or on the same site 48 weeks of the year.

Have you thought of a career in the Painting and Decorating Industry? It can be very satisfying with an apprenticeship covering 27 different competences over a 4 year term covering subjects from working safely in the Construction industry through to applying decorative paint finishes and applying different types of wall coverings.

You will learn what paints are made of and how to apply different types of paint using different application techniques from brush and roller to spray applications using different types of spray equipment. You will learn also how to plan your work, how to work safely at heights, how Occupational Health and Safety effects you on a job site, how to use all the painters tools and equipment and how to prepare surfaces for painting.

Do you one day want to own your own painting business. An apprenticeship also covers subjects like learning how to measure a job up for costing and working out the costs of a job.

Learn how to present a quote for a client and how to operate a small business.

Once you become fully qualified, you can specialise in a specific area of the Painting Industry such as interior or wallpapering only and be well rewarded for your expertise.

There is even Government Assistance through the Trade Support Loans Scheme offering loans of up to $20,000 for apprentices to get established which allows the apprentice to purchase a vehicle and tools of the trade. Once you are earning a sustainable wage the loan is repaid at a agreed amount so this will help in getting you into a rewarding career.

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