Staff Recruitment

Aussie Painters Network has introduced a Staff Recruitment Portal to facilitate the construction industry in their quest to discover the next shining star in the world of painting.

Members of Aussie Painters Network who have access to the Membership Portal can take advantage of free advertising, with the number of free ads contingent on their membership level:

  • Platinum Members: Enjoy the privilege of posting up to 20 adverts annually.
  • Gold Members: Get to post up to 6 adverts annually.
  • Silver Members: Can showcase up to 3 adverts annually.

For those who are not yet members of the Aussie Painters Network, advertising comes at a fee of $99 per advertisement, inclusive of GST. 

I am already a member, simply access the Membership Portal and create your adverts.

Not yet a Member? Thats ok, to advertise your role simply click on the button

For more detailed information on the perks and benefits of membership, you can find out more by CLICKING HERE!

Please note that all adverts are subject to screening, and it may take up to 48 hours for them to go live, depending on demand. Rest assured, we will contact you to confirm when your advert is live. In the event that we have suitable applicants available, we will reach out to you.

Additionally, we make it our priority to share your advertisements across various platforms throughout Australia while respecting your privacy by not sharing any information with third parties, and so on.

If you want to just place your advertisement the old fashioned way, pick up the phone and call us. 1800 355 344 during business hours.