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Consumer Info

The consumer info page has been developed to assist the home owner.

Painting Preparation Painting prep is the most important part of any painting job, if you get it right your project will last for years, however if you don’t prepare the surface correctly not only will you end up with an unprofessional finish but you could also end up having to repaint in a short period of time.

Lead Based Paint Lead based paint is dangerous and should not be disturbed by anyone other than a professional. If you are unsure as to whether the paint you are about to disturb contains lead, make sure you seek professional advice.

Adhesion Test Doing an adhesion test is an important part of the preparation process prior to starting painting. Easy to do and can save a lot of problems later.

Interior Preparation Whether the surfaces are painting are old or new the preparation is similar. It can make or break the overall finish.

Exterior Preparation Exterior preparation can make up the majority of work required to do in an external painting job. Take the extra time to get it right.

Types of Paint What is paint made of and what is its uses.

Test Paint Type It’s important to test paint type to know what the existing coating is that you are about to paint over. If you don’t check you could create a problem later.

What Paint Where Where The best paints for the surface you are about to paint. Use our guide to get it right.

Paint Colour Ideas The paint colour will set the tone of the room. Here are some ideas to get the look you are after.

Painting Tips Professional painting tips that are essential consumer info to assist you to get a long lasting finish the easy way.

Painting a Room Easy to follow step by step guide.