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Aussie Painters Network

Welcome to Aussie Painters Network (APN), your one-stop hub for all painting industry information and resources. 

Since our inception, we’ve been committed to making life easier for painting contractors, offering free access to market trends, product updates, and general industry information.

We are the proud publishers of the Aussie Painting Contractor Magazine, launched back in September 2011. To date, we’ve released over 125 editions, providing free knowledge to the painting community.

APN has quickly become a trusted resource across the country, thanks to our dedication to assisting contractors and providing timely, relevant industry information. Our membership initiative has grown significantly, and we continually strive to offer beneficial deals and services to painting business owners.

In 2013, we extended our reach into education, partnering with Private Registered Training Organisations in Queensland. We’ve since been involved in training over 1,000 apprentices, leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

We’re known for our innovation, as demonstrated by the creation of the Painters Training Wheels in 2015. This unique training tool gained worldwide recognition, and we’ve continuously evolved it to serve regional Queensland’s training needs.

In response to the increased demand for staff and apprentices in 2020, we launched Painting Apprenticeships. This initiative has already helped hundreds start their painting careers, with many still progressing through their apprenticeships.

In 2021, we introduced the Trade Ready Program, funded by CSQ, to facilitate entry into the painting and decorating industry. The same year, we built our exclusive Training Facility in Brisbane, dedicated solely to Painting and Decorating Industry, enhancing our training capabilities.

This year, we expanded our media presence with The Painters Podcast, featuring episodes devoted to painting-related topics.

At APN, we continue to stand as staunch advocates for painters, engaging with the government on industry matters. We are dedicated to supporting painters in every aspect of their business, and we’re constantly developing resources and services to meet the needs of all Painting Business Owners. Welcome to APN – we’re here to make the world of painting more accessible, informed, and connected!

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