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Queensland Home Warranty Scheme Review

Survey responses close on Friday May 6th

The Queensland Government is asking for feedback on the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme.

The Government has provided a discussion paper and an opportunity to voice your thoughts on the warranty scheme.

It is the position of Aussie Painters Network to have Painting completely removed from the scheme, based on the comment in the discussion paper surrounding manufacturer and applicator warranties (see below).

We ask for ALL Queensland Painters to have their voice heard, and strongly encourage visiting the website to share your thoughts.

Below is an outline of how to do this and we have provided an example comment you can use.

*Links: Discussion Paper – See Pg 15

Step 1
CLICK HERE to complete the Response Form
You will need to register to submit a response (see link on the bottom of the Response Form webpage).

Step 2

Complete the registration form – this is simple and only requires an email address, name, company etc.

Step 3

Submit your written submission

After registering you will then be able to submit a response to the review by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

When clicking the response form link above you will be brought to the page below, here you will find a summary the Warranty Scheme Review.

Step 4

Here we encourage you to select “Empowered Consumers” as the key area your submission covers.

From here you can simply copy and paste the response below if you agree that painting should be removed from the scheme.

Aussie Painters Network have always advocated for the Painting Industry in QLD, to be NOT included in the Home Warranty Scheme.

As such, please complete the above and add your comments.

Below are some examples you might like to use:

Based on the comments about warranties of painters and manufacturers, these far outreach the Home Warranty Schemes coverage.

QBCC’s workmanship warranty period covers 1 year, why should a consumer pay for a lesser 6-month warranty?

Please remove painting.

Consumers should be given a choice about what they pay their insurance for. A lesser protection that doesn’t cost, is already in place under QBCC regulations.